Thursday, February 28, 2008


R.I.P. Myron Cope.

There are just some things that say Pittsburgh if you're of a certain generation. The nasal tones of Myron Cope do the color commentary of Steelers games is one of them. I remember people at college talking about what a terrible voice Howard Cosell had and saying "You've never heard Myron Cope!"

Like Cosell Cope began as a writer. It's easy to forget what a fine practioner of that art he was. His voice made it so easy to think of him only as comic relief. Add in Myron's own vocabulary like "Yoinks" (an all purpose word for anything big, good or bad. If was really big it might get a "Double Yoinks") and it was easy to overlook the fact that Myron also knew what he was talking about.

Cope served as broadcaster for the Steelers longer than any other broadcaster has served a single team. He's won awards and been inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame. The first pro football announcer to get that honor. Heck, he even got a full segment on SportsCenter this morning. What greater honor do we have in this day and age? Myron also invented the "Terrible Towel".

Myron Cope was 79. He retired from Steeler broadcasts in 2004. I can't believe I'll never hear that voice again.


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