Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Quick update

Well I continue to progress in my "Biggest Loser" contest. I still haven't broken into the top 10 yet but it's early. People are dropping easy pounds. My plan has been to be slow and steady so I can (hopefully) maintain a steady consistent loss.

So far that plan is working. I dropped about 2% of my initial weight the first week and I dropped an additional 2% this past week. That's right on target!

If I can maintain that this week it will put me below 200 pounds for the first time in at least a decade. That is a HUGE milestone for me. I've gotten close a couple times and fallen back each time. I'm determined that it will change this time.

I've now lost about 30% of my overall goal. Boy that seems like a big percentage when I've only lost so little weight. But I've checked my math twice. Wow.

As for the mustache - the polls aren't closed yet and the vote is still rolling in. We've heard from some of the west coast polling places and they're overwhelmingly in favor of the clean shaven look. We will not be calling this vote any time soon.

I'm working on something serious for later this week.


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