Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hmmm, could it be?

(Update - received a private e-mail from another alum of my high school who was a couple years behind me. He confirms that these are the same person. Very cool. He also points out that there's at least one other famous person from our school - Capt. Stephen Frick USN. (Bio) Steve was also a couple years younger than me but has logged over 500 hours in space as a NASA astronaut. He's served as pilot and crew commander on the space shuttle. Going into space was one of my boyhood dreams so it's great to see a hometown boy do it.)

(Update #2 - Got another reminder of the semi-famous and another one that I actually went to school with - Tony award nominee(1994) choreographer Jeff Calhoun. Jeff, Rebecca (just Becky back in the day) and I were all in school musicals together. At least once, probably "Guys and Dolls" and/or "Pajama Game"

Had a chance to hang out with a couple of high school buddies a while ago. We were discussing the chance that someone fairly high profile these days might be an old school chum of ours.

The name is Douglas Holtz-Eakin, chief economic advisor to Sen. John McCain in his bid to be our next president. A current photo of Holtz-Eakin didn't help much. Like many of my contemporaries he has a lot less hair than once upon a time. A little background research shows that the high profile gent is the same age as I am (to within a week in fact!) and graduated college the same year. So he certainly COULD be a member of my high school class.

Doug and I weren't friends but we were friendly. We had a lot of friends in common but didn't circulate in the same circles. He was a runner (and a pretty good one as I recall), I was on the debate team. I'd been in his house once for a party (where his dog "bit" me. The dog gave me a very gentle chomp when I did something it objected to. Doug was extremely apologetic). Eakin was one of the smartest people in our class. If it is the same guy then credit to Sen. McCain. Having smart people around you is always the best way to go. Have no idea what Holtz-Eakin's proposals are in detail but I'll probably do a little more digging now.

In reality I don't know that having a former classmate of mine advising him changes my vote (and it probably shouldn't). But it is interesting.

So decide for yourself. Maybe some intern for the McCain campaign will stumble on this blog while doing an internet search and find the answer for me. Heck, if it IS Doug he'll probably get in contact BEGGING me to take down this photo! The photo on the left is from our high school year book "The Rambler" (the cover of which I designed but never got credit for but that's another issue for another day) the one on the right is a recent PR still of the Senator's advisor. Could be.

So whattya think? This would make the second famous person (although both only minorly famous) from my class. The other is Rebecca Cole who had her own TV show on cable for a while on Discovery and has her own floral design company in NYC.

Cole Creates
McCain for President

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Anonymous said...

Looks like the same guy to me. But what is with the unshaved look? How I trust an economic advisor who can't afford a razor? Who obviously follows stupid "hip" trends? Is that what we can expect from his economic advice?