Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Well this is cool!

Here's a much better way to start the day.

Someone quoted me (favorably) on their blog.


Andrew, over at, liked my "Thoughts On the Cart and Horse" sermon and has been thinking about it since. It led him to offer a couple more scripture passages for youth ministry. Good stuff.

Don't know much about Justin except he's a local boy (just over the state line in Erie) originally. I like that the site encourages young people to post as well. We have an awful lot of us old folk talking about youth and faith and not nearly enough youth doing it.

I must have done an especially good job with that sermon. RevRef even said he might steal an idea from it!

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Reverend Ref + said...

I have my own topic label?

How cool is that!?!?

You must be the only site with a specific RevRef topic label.

I feel a song coming on ....

"I feel special ... so special ..."