Friday, August 29, 2008

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

As promised here's how I've spent the last couple months.

For me summer began with our trip to Las Vegas. I've written briefly about it back on May 22. The trip was great. Of all the things we wanted to do I knew that doing the "Star Trek Experience" at the Hilton was going to be at the top of the list. So yes that's me fulfilling a lifelong dream, sitting in the Captain's chair on the bridge of the starship Enterprise.

Yes, I'm a geek. Get over it.

After that it was a sprint to get ready for back to back events. Senior High Conference ended just two days before we flew out to the Episcopal Youth Event. So it was pack up everything needed for the conference (I fill the back of a mid-size SUV with the seats folded down), do the conference, then come home, partially unpack, wash my clothes and then take off. Such fun.

Senior High was good. Our numbers were up one or two from last year. The young people seemed to enjoy themselves despite some glitches (the university keeps changing the rules at the pool on us, without telling us!). I led a whole conference workshop on "Tending the Temple" talking about caring for ourselves in body, mind and spirit. On the whole I'd call it a success.

The it was EYE time. We arrived at the airport at 4:30 AM to take a 6 AM flight to San Antonio. As always the kids did me proud and we arrived without any adventures at all. Trinity University is a beautiful campus and was a great host. The weather was hot and humid. Combined with the Texan tendency to run their AC ice cold I lost my voice after less than 48 hours. The music, the worship, the classes, the chance to meet with young people and adults from all over the country was absolutely great!

Then back home to try and get caught up on tasks around the house (still not caught up), to watch our tomato plants try and figure out if they were going to live or die (still up in the air) and maybe get a little rest too. Somehow it just didn't feel very restful.

At the beginning of August we had friends come visit us which was very cool! Tom is one of my oldest friends (meaning longest standing, although he IS older than me). It was great to have him and Jen and the girls come visit. The house has lots of beds but isn't really ideal for having guests in some ways. You do the best you can. Then just before camp kicked back in my lady wife, daughter and I jumped into the car and did a banzai run out to Chicago to be with another couple friends as they celebrated a combined 90th birthday (he's 50, she's not). We drove out Friday, went to the party, spent the day with them on Saturday then drove half way home Saturday night, then finished up Sunday. All three of us had to be at work Sunday afternoon so it was an interesting experience. Not one I'm sure we'd do again but it was a special occasion.

Then back to camp. A week with the Junior High camp. It poured down rain for the first two days. Which is very bad. You do NOT want a bunch of junior high aged kids trapped inside. At least not with you. Fortunately the weather lifted (but stayed pretty cool) and the rest of the week went well. I did manage to come down with laryngitis along the way. Then a couple more days off before Sleep Away Camp. Fortunately I'm not on staff there I just am there to run errands and do some support work. So I got to sleep at home.

Finally back home to stay. And unpack. And sort. And do paperwork. The end of summer is not my favorite time of the year. Plus it has been abnormally cool for this time of year which is no fun either. Took the kid off to college and moved her into her first apartment. Add in a couple small car problems and it was a full summer. We didn't get the chance to do nearly enough grilling on the back deck.

So at the moment I'm still feeling a little run down but that'll change as I settle back into the routine.


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You're still known as the "lazy brother."