Monday, June 08, 2009

Resource Review - Google Maps POI

Google Maps POI

OVERALL - So you're headed out on a trip with the youth group. You know, these are teenagers after all, that they're going to want to eat eventually. How do you know where to find food on your trip? Google Maps of course! POI means Points of Interest, which in this case means fast food!

WHAT'S IT ABOUT? Some one (not Google itself but one of the outside developers that Google encourages) has come up with the perfect mapping tool for youth ministers on road trips with youth. You tell it your route and it tells you what kinds of food are available along the way. It really is quick and easy. You don't need zip codes or street addresses just starting town or city and ending town or city. You get a route for the trip and a map with every major chain of fast food indicated along the way. Just zoom in on the area where you're thinking about stopping and you'll find your choices. Just that simple.

RESERVATIONS The only choices you're given are fast food restaurants. So if you're looking for something other than burgers, tacos, pizza or fried chicken you're pretty much out of luck. Of course you're travelling with teenagers so the chance they want anything OTHER than burgers, tacos, pizza or fried chicken is probably pretty small.

RECOMMENDATION This is one of those you don't need it till you need it kind of tools. The great thing is that the locations are tied into Google maps which is one of my favorite maps sites anyway. You get the street address plus if you zoom down in tight you can see the exact streets you need. Worth bookmarking it just so you have for that next road trip!

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