Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Favorite

Outside of pictures of my family and friends this is my favorite picture of all time. My boyhood hero, Bill Mazeroski, bringing home a world championship to the 'Burgh. And it was against the hated Yankees. Want to really annoy a Yankee fan? Ask them how is it possible to score more runs than the other team by a significant margin(55-27),out hit them (91-60), out homer them(10-4), hit for a higher batting average than them(.338 - .256), get two complete game shut outs from your ace (Whitey Ford) and still lose the World Series? Then point them to the 1960 Series.

And for extra points - to annoy Chicago Cubs fans point out that since 1945 only two teams with three even EX-Cubs have ever won a World Series (Pirates - 1960, Diamondbacks 2001). No team with more than 3 players tainted by the curse of the billy goat have ever done it. Now THAT's a curse!

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