Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What I've been reading

Haven't seen any movies recently, very depressing.

But I've been reading a lot.

I forgot this one last time I checked in:

"Bad News" by Donald Westlake. I stumbled on Westlake while I was still in high school and fell in love with his funny, dark stories of crime in New York. John Dortmunder is a classic Westlake character both an utter mediocrity at crime and a criminal genius all at the same time. In this one John decides to make some easy money that turns out be grave robbing. Add in Indian casinos and the usual band of wonderful Westlake characters and it's a fun ride. Sorry to hear that the author passed away late last year. Guess I'll just have to enjoy his 100+ books in his memory.

"For the Sins of My Father" by Albert DeMeo
. The true life story of the son of a mid-level Gambino mobster. DeMeo walks you through the dual life of his family, his father and himself. You walk with him as he slowly begins to understand who his father is including the self deceptions both he and his family needed to survive. I found the beginning slow but the second half was gripping. A very different view of the mob without sugar coating it either. Very good book.

"The Confessor" by Daniel Silva The second Gabrial Allon book I've read and enjoyed. This one focuses on the end of World War II and the unfortunate role of the Roman Catholic church in dealing with the reality of the Holocaust. The church did very well in some ways and shamefully in others. The action moves along briskly. I'm sure to grab another in this series sometime soon.

Had a long drive to Long Island a couple weeks ago and grabbed an audio book for the ride. I've become a big fan of them for drives like this (7+ hours).

Blue Heaven by C.J. Box
- Despite his NY Time Best Seller cred I'd never heard of this author before. I like thrillers for the drive, they keep me focused on what's going on so I grabbed it. This was a GREAT "read"! Tense, thrilling, some nice twists. Set in northern Idaho it follows the run by a 12 year old girl and her little brother trying to escape a band of rogue retired cops. Really enjoyed it.

Hope to see a movie here soon...


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