Wednesday, October 21, 2009

View From the Phlipside

These are the scripts from my weekly media commentary program on WRFA-LP Jamestown

My name is Jay Phillippi and I've spent my life in and around the media. TV, Radio, the movies and more. I love 'em and I hate em' and I always have an opinion. Call this the view from the Phlipside

One of my favorite TV shows has provided me with a bit of a conundrum. I'm trying to figure out why I'm still watching. That's led me to the thought of what it really takes to pull the plug on something you enjoy.

The program in question is Bravo network's "Top Chef". I've watched every single season of this reality based competition program. If you don't know it the show takes professional chefs from all over the country and pits them in various cooking competitions. All the usual tricks, taking them outside their comfort zone and seeing how they do. Since I love to cook it's fun to watch. Besides there's always the lovely Padma Lakshmi to gaze upon. But moving on...

My problem is that I find this season to have the least inspiring cast of characters ever. Sure there are the folks I can't stand (Michael and Eli) and the usual cast of sad sacks that you know are going out in the first couple weeks (Preeti and Ron for example constantly had the deer in the headlights look to them). But after that what's left? A whole bunch of people I don't really care too much about at all. There's a couple more who are clearly running out their string (Laurine and Robin), the positively grim Voltaggio brothers (what horrible thing happened in their childhood that sucked all the joy out of those two), Jennifer who needs to learn to relax, Robin who needs to shut up (seriously, just be quiet) and Kevin. Who appears to be a great chef but has the personality of Wonder bread.

So the question becomes - "Why am I still watching this?". It's disturbing to think that I'm still watching waiting for my two least favorites to crash and burn. I don't want to be that guy. Am I waiting, as I think an awful lot of the audience is, to see the brothers finally punch each other out? Or am I really that smitten with the lovely Padma? . So when do you quit. Is it like collecting music of your favorite band where you have to buy ALL the albums, even the ones that stink? Should I continue watching a TV cooking show that keeps a contestant whose dish was compared to "cat food" over someone whose dish was just boring? I'm only eight episodes in so it isn't like I've invested a LOT of time into the season.

Maybe I really am waiting for the fisticuffs, or waiting to see if guest judge Toby Young will really eviscerate someone at Judge's table. Or maybe it's Padma. I guess I'll have to keep on watching to find out.

Call that the view from the Phlipside

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