Sunday, August 10, 2003

In retrospect

Well I'm home now. It feels awfully good to be honest. The first night back I slept for 12 hours. No real adventures to report on the way home. I sat next to a very nice ELCA gentleman and we chatted. I didn't blurt right out that I was ECUSA but the info became inevitable (He asked what I did for a living, I'm a youth minister, Oh? With what church? Boom) The conversation was wonderful and filled the time in the air quite peacefully.
Got my first taste at my home congregation of what the reaction might be. Very subdued. This is simply not an issue for us. I overheard several little old ladies tell our associate rector that while they were quite sure about the decision on the bishop they wanted her to know that if they didn't show up in the next couple weeks it didn't have anything to do with that, they'd just be away! They all laughed and said they weren't leaving their church, period. I think a great many Episcopalians will arrive at the same conclusion. There is still plenty of pain, I can hardly wait to hear what happens in England in October(?) when the primates come together in Canterbury to discuss.
But now it's back to the normal routine of being a youth minister. Junior High camp is only a week away and I have lots to get organized. Plus lots of "new" projects I seemed to have volunteered to take care of in the next couple months. Any one know of a good muzzle?

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