Friday, August 01, 2003

More Thoughts from GC

Well the early word is that we will NOT be able to change the dates for the GC in 2006. Seems the contracts have already been signed (makes you wonder what GC '03 thought it was doing. Just rubber stamping decision made elsewhere. Ah well). Work is going forward to make sure this never happens again. The worst part for me is the realization that there is very little chance we will see many candidates for the OYP in our entire province. Just a stupid thoughtless decision.
Around the city of Minneapolis we see signs saying "This establishment bans weapons". In fact it has nothing to do with GC but because of a new law here in MN that allows carrying concealed weapons. If you don't want them in your business you have to have this sign up. If you are a public gathering place you ALSO have to make an announcement to that effect. Yes, churches too! The local churches are NOT amused and are trying to get an exemption.
GC has its own news cast on the hotel TV systems (in fact over my right shoulder as I type our own Barbara Price is doing today's pastoral minute on the broadcast. Way to go WNY. Barbara is the chaplain to ECW's triennium. Kinda cool.
Music has been wonderful at the daily Eucharist. It's a little different each day. Day one was pretty "traditional" Episcopal church music, vested choir, organ etc. It was very well done. Yesterday was a more Gospel/Latin feel. I loved it! Today had a Gregorian choir leading the music so we had much more chant/Taize type music. We have more Gospel coming, plus worship bands, handbell choirs, Ojibwe Singers, Youth choir, and more. I have truly enjoyed the worship experience. Today I served as Eucharistic minister. Also on my team (there are about 9-10 people on each team and there are at least 5 teams)? Would you believe the Rev. Susan Anslow Williams? Total coincidence. Very cool as well.
We've been having some of the very young members (like 8-10 year olds) doing the readings. Today's young lady had to stretch up on tip toes to reach the mike but read in a clear strong voice. Just wonderful.
I got to hear Rev. Malcolm Boyd reading some of his prayers today. Boyd wrote a best selling book back in the late '60's call "Are You Running with me Jesus?" that was very influential to my personal faith journey. It was wonderful to hear him and see him in person I was deeply moved.
Hey a story I had never heard before - in 1969 the crew of Apollo 11 celebrated Communion on their trip around the moon. Buzz Aldrin (an Episcopalian!) brought wine and host and led the service. So the first lunar Eucharist was celebrated by a LAY PERSON from ECUSA. A resolution to celebrate this only recently revealed fact next year on its 25th anniversary.
Hearings this morning on the approval of the election of Canon Gene Robinson. Both sides were heard and the tone was respectful and calm. Meanwhile outside the...well I'm going to behave myself and NOT say what I just thought, protesters continue to vent their hatred and anger. We simply avoid them. Sad and nauseating.
So many other things still to do. I'll try and post again tomorrow. Keep praying for us.

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