Saturday, August 02, 2003

Welcome to the B Team

Thanks to all for your comments. I only got the chance to check them out today. Schedule took a bit of a break so I'm feeling a little better. Except for my expanding waistline! Too much food and too rich. I'm suffering a little gastric distress. Will start behaving myself tonight.
Young people are thriving on it all! They are very active, speaking at hearings and on the floor of the house of Deputies, approached the PB directly on the dates issue etc. I could not be prouder if they were my own flesh and blood. These are wonderful young people (I'm only slightly biased).
Spent an hour with the PB today. He carved out some time for the OYP. Great meeting. For my friends back in WNY this note: His pectoral cross belonged to Bishop Brent (for everyone else Bishop Brent is honored on the liturgical calendar was a great missionary bishop in the Philipines and diocesan bishop in WNY). I had the honor of holding the cross (Celtic style crucifix) in my own hand. An oddly moving moment for me.
Preaching today! Oh my beloveds! Bishop Michael Curry of NC brought down the house! An African American raised in the preaching style of his culture. He shook the rafters, had us laughing and crying. Spoke for a half an hour and could have gone on and on. I was deeply moved and inspired. This kind of preaching I love. Another bishop sits at my worship table and turned to me to say I was raised a pentecostal, if he has an altar call I'm going. I told him I'd be right behind him. Me, a liberal, suburban broad church Episcopalian. The title of this post comes from his sermon. A member of his last parish told him that he (the parishioner) was on the B team. Bishop was puzzled, what's the B team? He was told "I be here before you came, I be here while you're here and I'll be here when you're gone". What struck me was that with the angst surrounding us here this week I've decided I'm on the B team too. It doesn't matter what they decide. Even if I believe they make the WRONG decision I will be here. This is my church, this (including you all) are my family. To steal a line from Martin Luther "Here I Stand". This is my beloved home, and no one is chasing me off. I was, and still am, so powerfully moved by the Bishops message. He also told a wonderful story about his child watching TV and seeing a KKK rally. The child, who had seen her father in a tall white miter, asked him why all these Episcopal bishops were standing around a burning cross? When he thought about it he said that 30 years before no black child in America would have made such a mistake. We haven't reached the mountain top but we're headed up the slope. I was in tears. Michael took us, for only a moment to the mountain top. Amen, Amen, AMEN!
We're working on making sure that GC is never again scheduled during school. It's all we can do it appears. The youth are determined to make sure those that follow them are protected.
I am so proud of these young people, I love the people I'm working with. And I miss you all. I look forward to seeing and "seeing" (for my B-net family) you soon.

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