Friday, August 01, 2003

Their first mistake

Starting to suffer a little from tiredness. Not getting a lot of sleep and we're constantly on the go during the day. Most of us took last night "off" although I ended up in charge of 9 of the 18 youth! Great young people but wow the energy. It appears I may be getting old. I'm trying to ignore the thought.
Yes GC made their first mistake yesterday. Not some little procedural one but rather one that really ticks me off. The resolution approving the NEXT GC came up. The location was mentioned but NOT the dates. By the time the dates were mentioned we were late into the discussion. The youth got flustered and didn't get to the mike before the question was called (ending discussion). Right now the suggested dates are JUNE 12 - 21, during the school year for a great many young people. Plus it's finals time and graduation time. Based on the current OYP we figure at least 50% of the young people would be unable to attend. For a church that has repeatedly said it is VITAL to increase the number of youth invovled in the church this is just idiotic. The justification is that it will save $150,000. Normally I'd think that was some real money till you look at how much money is spent on this event. This strikes me as penny wise and pound foolish. We're not giving up. We will be appealling to our bishops to reject the proposal in their house. The Bishes have been very supportive of the youth and we think they'll see the logic. We're all willing to bet that there are no youth members or youth ministers on the GC planning committee. I'll let you know how the battle comes out.
Hearings on blessings for longterm relationships outside marriage (do NOT call it blessings for same sex unions because that's only a portion of the what the resolution addresses. This is my current pet peeve) and approval of Gene Robinson will begin ramping up today. Details as they're available. I stopped by the NH hospitality area to chat with them and get some of my own questions answered. Spoke for about a half an hour with a very nice gent who seemed very well informed. Turned out he's Gene's partner! Very nice and as much as a straight man is capable of judging very good looking! Also got to talk with the Canon hisself, told him that I'd heard him do an after dinner speech that was so good it kept me awake even when I'd wanted to doze off. He had the graciousness to laugh.
Quick overview of a "day in the life". Breakfast early (for me) because hearings can start as early as 7:30. So you either ride the bus (as in big yellow. Horrible HS flashbacks) or hoof it the 10 blocks or so. As you get near the Convention center you are greeted by long lines of pamphleteers, all very polite and with info on a wide range of issues and events. Guaranteed you'll get the chance at the daily AAC newspaper (for the record the GC paper has quoted AAC folk, but I haven't seen the reverse. I'll keep watching) Ran into my friend and former priest in my diocese John Melcher doing this much to both our surprises (at meeting, not at his working) He sends his greetings back to WNY. Once inside you head off to wherever. Eucharist at 9:30 is awesome! Fabulous music both days so far, in different styles. Then legislative meetings (I usually head to the exhibition hall with almost 300 exibitors!) lunch is on the run, more hearings and another legislative hearing in the afternoon. Dinner on the run then more hearings or other events in the evening. Back to the hotel for a 10 PM meeting. I've been getting to bed by midnight. Remember the tired comment at the beginning?
Oh and a quick note on the official binder. Three rings, custom made and at least 5 inches thick the biggest one I have ever seen. I may need to buy a new bag to bring it and all the exhibitor stuff home in!
Gotta run, meeting youth in less than 20 minutes.
Pray for our church to be open to wisdom.

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