Tuesday, August 05, 2003

A stunning day

Well by now I'm sure you've seen or heard the reports. I had some fun stuff to share but I think I'll hold off on them for a while.
The day was progressing normally till the announcement made near the beginning of the afternoon legislative session. It took a moment for the import of the statements to sink in. There was no reaction, just stunned silence. Most of us simply couldn't believe it. For the accusations to have arisen this late in the game, especially from someone in New England who apparently "knows the ropes" strikes us all as ludicrous. This comes off as a poorly designed last minute attempt to slander the candidate. There was an arrest made in the convention center earlier today, I don't know why or any details. If I find them I'll pass them along. There have also been several death threats so police activity has increased around the convention center as well. Curiously the protesters were no where to be seen. No idea if they are related. I'm just happy they're gone.
I was sitting in the large room used for worship this afternoon. A screen was being used to show a closed circuit video link of the business in the house of Bishops. One light note: the Deputies "come to order" MUCH more quickly than the Bishops. The PB had to ask 5 times for everyone to sit down and be quiet. Never raised his voice, never got sharp. He was the model of peace and good humor that I've seen for the last 8 days. Got quite funny however.
They had begun to do some routine business. In the room with me were several hundred other folks, reading, working on computers, chatting quietly. Finally the PB introduced the statements concerning the investigation. Once they were read 90% of the people in the room got up and left. I was sitting with a priest from western Michigan both working on our projects. Suddenly we both realized that the room was virtually empty, maybe 80 people left.
While some conservatives are openly pleased that there may be a last minute reprieve the majority reaction can be described as simply stunned by the turn of events. It is quite likely that he may not receive consent before the GC ends. As near as I can tell, no one is talking about it much yet, this would throw the process back to the normal process. Consent would have to come from the Executive Councils and the Bishops, all done by mail. We have no idea how long the investigation will take.
In case you didn't catch it the vote in the Deputies ran this way: Lay 63 Yes 32 No 13 Divided, Clergy 65 Yes 31 No 12 Divided.
I'm very tired. Physically, spiritually and emotionally. I don't want to believe that anyone from inside my faith community would stoop this low (Yes I'm giving Canon Robinson the benefit of the doubt. Innocent till proven guilty is the American way) even under these circumstances. To do such a thing would be an act so vile, so repugnant, so outside my understanding of the Gospel that I can not find any place for it in my understanding. As I have before I ask you to pray for GC and our church.

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