Monday, December 11, 2006

A few notes from a busy weekend.

Lots of running about this weekend.

I started with a performance of "Godspell" (I was watching not performing) at Niagara University. Now I've been seeing this show for 30 some years now. I always enjoy it. This performance may be the best I've ever seen. What was interesting was the interpretation. All the characters except Jesus are portrayed as trouble youth exploring a new drop in center. Jesus is the director/youth minister (OK maybe I'm projecting just a little bit). The effect was astouding. To have the song "All Good Gifts" sung by a young (rather emo looking) man who reveals evidence of cutting as he sings was just staggering. The spoken portions are all interpreted within the confines of the new characterizations as well. Maybe it's just because I'm in youth ministry but the show was new and vital in a way it hasn't been in a long time for me.

Beyond that to see that show the night before I was scheduled to preach on the John the Baptist - "...a voice crying in the wilderness, prepare the way of the Lord..." section of the Gospel was enough to raise goose bumps.

My thanks to the folks at St. Mark's LeRoy for their warmth and hospitality. They were all very complimentary on the sermon and fed me very well! It was one of the rare times when my lady wife got to come with me and hear what her husband does for a living! St. Mark's is set right at the edge of a large creek, with a small waterfall emerging from under a beautiful stone bridge. All of which can be seen from the room where they do coffee hour. If there's a more beautiful view in the diocese I haven't found it yet.

I did manage to make one gaffe. I always try to scope out how the traffic "flows" at Communion time. It's different from church to church. My cheat is to make sure that at least a couple folks are sitting in pews in front of me so I can follow along. Of course I have to hope that they're not visitors too! (Visitors sitting in the front rows at church? Not likely!) Well I got up, received, turned and walked back down the chancel. Oooops, I was fighting the flow the whole way. Seems there's a small door off to one side I was supposed to use. I'll just plead that I was too deeply immersed in the experience of the Eucharist. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Other than that it was a lot of driving. I think I'm about as far away from LeRoy as you can be in the diocese. Just glad to be home. Although I may have caught a cold over the weekend.


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