Friday, December 22, 2006

Five Things You Don't Know About Me

Ok I got tagged for this meme by Gman. Wow, hard to think of things since I use a lot of my life stories in my work now and always.

Hmmmmmmmmm, lets assume that many of the blog readers (are you REALLY going to assume your blog has enough readers to use the word "many"?) aren't from 'round here so let's go with the following:

1: I have a long and varied work life. I've been paid to do all the following things - dishwasher, bellhop, muffin baker, actor, house painter, newscaster, radio announcer, talk show host, voice over announcer, copy writer, parade announcer, bar DJ, shuttle bus driver, parking lot attendant, oh yeah and youth minister.

2: My college degree is in theater.

3: I can not abide pineapple. I can taste even small amounts (my mom used to try and sneak it into meals) BUT I have eaten it once when it wasn't bad. Fresh Hawaiian pineapple at the Episcopal Youth Event in Laramie WY.

4:My name was my father's nickname which he got from a role in a play back in high school. Which is kinda cool/spooky considering #2.

5:My most serious injuries in life have come from youth ministry. I broke two ribs and broke my arm (two seperate youth events) while working with young people. I've never had a serious injury outside of youth ministry.

Now I don't know who to tag. So feel free to consider yourself tagged if you read this and have a blog. I'd love to see the lists from Revendref, Mindi, and MadPriest



Gman said...

Good stuff.

mindi said...

hi jay,

i accepted your tag. thanks for the invite!

:)merry christmas!