Friday, December 08, 2006

Just a few quick thoughts

I love the theater and the movies. So I thought I'd share a few quick updates on what I've seen recently:

My daughter's birthday present this year was dinner and tickets to see the national touring company of "Rent". She loves the show and I knew nothing about it except that it had gotten rave reviews on Broadway. I really liked the show (and having an expert next to me who could clear up any confusions!) I liked it enough that I've got "La Vie Boheme" playing in the background as I type this! A great night with my two favorite ladies in the world.

We're hoping to catch "Spamalot" in the spring.

Movies we've seen recently (all on DVD)

The Lake House Nice little romance with a few logic problems but I liked it. Kind of a neat concept with the time twisting mail box. Keanu almost acted like he can, well, act.

I Walk the Line
Not being a huge country music fan I went strictly on word of mouth on this one, which had been pretty good. Now I know why. Great performances that show the people (Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash primarily) warts, insecurities and all.

Some others quickly - Bandits- fun, Matchstick Men - classic weird and wonderful Nick Cage stuff, Being There - An amazing performance by Peter Sellers in an astounding role. Still not sure what to think about the ending. The only one of this bunch that I would say is a must see.

Next up - Green Mile and Wag the Dog.


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Mel said...

I love Rent, glad you got to see it and experience it!