Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Perfect Combo

These two just seem to go together:

Our movie of the week this week was "Wag the Dog". A very funny, totally demented and frighteningly close to reality look at how the media manipulates us. It's a real "spot the stars" too. The cast list includes everyone from DeNiro and Hoffman, to Kristen Dunst and Merle Haggard. Adds a new catch phrase to my lexicon "This is NOTHING!"

And also:
You Are Most Like George H. W. Bush

You're considered boring by people that don't know you well. But like Bush senior, you do crazy things.
Maybe you'll end up banning broccoli in your house, or puking on the Prime Minster of Japan!



1 comment:

Jacqui said...

Hi Jay - you don't know me (which seems to be the theme of this whole scenario with our mutual friend) but I'm a friend of El Angel Mas Pequeno from here in Edmonton.

I just wanted to say that, while this sounds funny not coming from her herself, I really appreciate your call for prayer. It is such a powerful tool, and nothing makes my heart happier than seeing people from all over the world actively employing that tool on someone else's behalf.

But I also want to say that when she posts about a friend who has given her brutal advice which she didn't need, she's actually referring to a comment that I left on her blog in love and care, hoping only that she will try her hardest to heal and return to her previous life of joy. So please be gentler in your responses when you don't know whose emotions are involved. I know it's hard to judge a situation from afar, and to be quite honest it's hard enough to judge it from right here in the middle of it, but you never know what words have actually been spoken and interpreted the wrong way.

I'm sorry if this seems like an intrusion. Or a lecture. Not intended so. Just a sad friend praying for another sad friend who seems to think I've betrayed her.