Friday, January 19, 2007

And the snow falls

There's no greater impetus to blog than having someone say "Where's your blog?". Zoom, time to hit another post.

Of course the problem is you want them to arrive to something profound, or humorous, or witty. And your brain begins to churn. And you realize that you'd settle for reasonably intelligent with correct spelling.

Last year I offered up the first of what I plan to be some simple, relatively short " Letter to the Younger Brothers and Sisters" That first one was called "It's not about you" and dealt with selfishness. As I head into the new year I was thinking about what else I'd like to touch on. Several "church" type issues come to mind


I must be out of my mind (as I look at those words above) to think that I can 1) do them in a relatively short piece, and 2)that I'll be able to offer anything particularly useful. But it just seems like too often we DON'T spend the time breaking things down. All too often, even among youth workers, I seem to hear folks assuming that we all know what that means, or that we all know what our special church terminology means. With all due respect to the big brains of theology, the high thinkers and the deep delvers our faith was explained to simple folk in simple terms two thousand years ago.

What the heck happened?

Simple. We decided we'd try to figure it out, to explain it and understand it and whip it into good shape. And the older I get the more I come to believe that all that work is a waste of time and the end result is largely, ahem, bovine by product.

So maybe I'll add these to the list:
Of Heaven and Hell
Of Perfection
On Understanding God

Maybe I'll get it wrong. But that'll just put me in the same boat with lots of other folks. Including a lot of high thinkers, deep delvers and theological heavyweights.

I'm willing to take the risk. Simple faith from a pretty simple guy.


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