Friday, January 12, 2007

Cleaning up around here

It feels like I haven't posted in weeks but I see it's only been days. Hmmmm, wonder if I'm suffering from blog withdrawl?

It's the time of year when I try to do some house cleaning both at home and at the office. Since we moved near the end of last year lots of things are still waiting to be sorted and find their place. I've seen lots of photos from my mis-led youth. Interesting to see my graduation photo where I'm all squinty eyed for some reason or my college ID photo where my look seems to say "Go ahead, tick me off and I'll tear your head off" I was angry that day about something. Or maybe hung over (yes, I have a fair bit of experience in that department)

Was scanning through some other blogs and found one that I don't think I've ever visited before yet there's a link to this here humble abode! Cool! So a quick shout out to Eileen, who's a very neat lady. She's also praying for her boss who is working her way through a bone marrow transplant. Check Eileen's blog for details and say a prayer.

The downside of cleaning is you discover what's missing. I bought a CD by Isaac Everett at GC and now I can't find it. And that's VERY bad. He's got music you can listen to and download at his web site. Buy his CDs!

I've mentioned other places so I suppose I should note here that I'm happy. Maybe that doesn't sound earth shattering to you but last year was centered on my mom's death, my wife's two (count 'em two) hip replacement operations, my only child headed off to college, moving to a new house PLUS all the usual day to day life kind of STUFF that happens as you march resolutely (but completely against your will) into middle age. Well about half way through November I began waking up with this growing, peculiar feeling. It finally dawned on me.

I was happy.

And I hadn't felt like that in a long time. I've had this feeling, of an emotional "light" slowly dawning once before that I remember. It was just a couple of years ago. My doctor felt it was an undiagnosed mild depression. Could be, I'm just glad when it's gone.

And it is.

And I'm happy.

Which makes me act silly. Which both amuses and annoys my lady wife. You'll have to ask her which one is in the ascendant.

Isaac is playing in the background. It's a bossa nova interpretation of a Tolkein poem "I Sit Beside the Fire and Think". He describes it thusly "Imagine Bilbo Baggins wearing a red-sequined vest, if you can".

Perfect music for me!

OK, gotta go weed out more stuff from the office and then go join my ladies and some friends for dinner.



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