Monday, January 22, 2007

New Shoes

I'm breaking in a new pair of shoes. Which is always a pain. The first couple days always feel like I have boards strapped to my feet, they rub, they don't fit like what I've been wearing, yadda yadda yadda.

Plus there's this whole shoe string issue. At what point did it become mandatory to have shoe laces that were two feet longer than needed? I end up with double and triple knots, which make me feel like some ill trained little boy (again, been there done that)and looks idiotic. Plus it seems like the new technology of laces means that they won't stay tied. Drives me crazy.

I'm trying a new shoe, a Starbury crossover. They're the brain child of NBA star Stephon Marbury, who wanted to create a good shoe at very low price. The price ($15) attracted me, and the early reports were that they were decently made. Yes, there's a certain element of you get what you pay for but these are supposed to be VERY GOOD cheap shoes. We'll see. Can't argue with the logic though. Good shoes for folks who can't (or in my case WON'T) drop $150 on shoes. So I hope the shoes workout. Marbury is apparently wearing them this season.

That might be important to me if I cared at all about basketball.

Which I don't.

The crossover model is the low-top. I haven't Worn a high top since my last pair of P.F. Flyers. Which I was astounded to discover still exists! The same shoes I wore as a kid (along with the occasional Chuck Taylor All Stars) for only $39. Still a deal compared to anything with the average superstar's name attached to it.

So I hope these darn things break in soon.

My feet are killing me.


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