Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!

Feels kind of strange to be back in my office today. The diocesan offices were closed for the last week so I've been working very hard at NOT working!

The holidays were wonderful. Got a chance to see some of my aunts and uncles along with the in-laws. Some very cool toys for Christmas. In case you're wondering what makes DaYouthGuy happy under the tree my two fave presents were a new Foodsaver (one of those vacuum machines for saving food, I broke my last one) and a case for my ipod! Very exciting.

Between the holidays had a small bummer inserted. The mom of one of my best friends from high school died just before Christmas. I haven't seen Tina in about 10 years (I know, I'm a rotten friend!)so it was a lousy reason for a reunion but it was great to see her and her girls. Another member of the adult orphans society. I was glad I could be there at the funeral, plus got to see another of my best buds from HS days too. (Hi Steve!)

One post Christmas story to relate. We have two cats, and one of them was playing with something out in the dining room. I heard her chasing it in and out of one of those big shopping bags, the kind the plastic loop handles you get at big department stores. Suddenly I heard a loud rattle, then another one and then a rattling banging blur shot through the house and up the stairs. She had stuck her head through the handle, tried to shake free, that made the bag rattle right behind her, she tried to get away, then took off pursued by her own personal paper demon! I did try to help her but honesty requires that I note that I was laughing too hard to be much use. When I finally got upstairs I found the bag and no cat. She didn't show up for an hour, and was all flinchy for another couple hours after that.

New Year's Eve is always a non-starter in my house. I don't go out because I don't like the increase in idiots, plus I don't like noise, crowds and drunks. So a quiet night at home with my lady wife.

So now we're back to the routine. Gotta get ready for the senior high overnight this Friday.

Let's hope that 2007 is a great year.


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