Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Thoughts on the Cart and the Horse

Periodically I'm invited to preach/speak at the time of the sermon. It's something I truly enjoy and for which I believe God has given me some gifts. The challenging part is that I'm restricted to a single subject - youth ministry. Finding a way to connect the readings to the subject is sometimes difficult!

I've never shared a sermon before because I'm not sure how interested anyone would be in what a diocesan youth missioner in a small diocese has to say. I've recorded several of them mostly as a check on how I did just like the old days on the radio.

With this one from earlier this month I think I pulled together some ideas that have been rattling around for some time. The worst that can happen is that no one listens (and unless you tell me I'll never know). My hope is that folks will feel free to let me know what they think so I can continue to refine my thoughts and ideas. This one is a little long by my standards. I try to keep in the 12-15 minute range and this one is just shy of 20.

I'm trained as an actor and have 19.5 years experience as a radio personality so I'm fairly confident in telling you that I'm not a bad speaker by most standards. Whether or not I know what I'm talking about is something else.

Listen to sermon

If you'd prefer to read the copy it can be found here.



Reverend Ref + said...

That was really very good. I may have to steal an idea or two out of it.

DaYouthGuy said...

Thank you, steal with my blessing!

Anonymous said...


I love you. You really are an incredible preacher and thank you for saying all that you did. If only some of our other congregations could hear that... *sigh*

~ Sammi

Andrew said...

A couple months ago, I listened to the sermon attached to your March 18 post: "Thoughts on the Cart and the Horse." At the time, I enjoyed the sermon, appreciated it, and found it very thought provoking.

Impressively, the post stuck with me, and I've thought of it on occassion over the past couple months. Recently, I posted a blog article, partially in response to you, on www.justinfatica.net/blog My article is titled "Bible Passages For Youth Ministry" and was posted on July 29th.

I would be very curious to hear what you think. Mostly, I wrote my post to share your sermon's message, a message I found important.

Thank you very much for sharing your sermon on your blog.