Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A milestone and other news

I haven't reported recently on the weight loss because, to be perfectly honest, there hasn't been much to report. I was stuck, fluctuating up or down by less than a pound. It gets discouraging. So I've tightened down a little (and really only a little) on my diet while making sure that I'm eating enough calories and drinking a lot more water. Before the latest wrinkle on this journey (that being South Beach) I drank a fair bit of water every day. For reasons I can't explain I've really tailed off on that with the new eating discipline. There's no reason for it other than my focus has been elsewhere.

Then a couple nights ago I had the very strange experience of virtually full leg cramps in both legs. There was no reason for it, I hadn't done anything strenuous that day or even recently. The worst part was getting cramps in the muscles on both sides of my shin (the calf muscles in the back and the whatever-they're-called muscles in the front). Normally for a calf cramp I just flex my foot upward to stretch it out and slowly it goes away. Problem is that flexing the foot UP plays into the cramp on the front of my shin. Trying to find the balance point between those two began to make the muscles in my foot cramp. Not fun.

I know that one of the causes of cramps can be dehydration. So I'm back to knocking back water regularly. Wonder of wonders there's been no recurrence of the cramps AND I dropped over two pounds in the last week. Hmmmmmm, maybe we're on to something here.

I've now passed the 40 pound lost milestone. Which is an almost unbelievable number to me. Someone asked me this morning what was different this time compared to trying to lose weight before? This time was I really serious about it. In part because of words like pre-diabetes that I'm hearing from my MD. Add in passing 50 years of age, plus the very real value of the accountability of the weight loss contests I've been doing. Each week I have to weigh in and "call it in". I have to say that a TV show has been part of my success. I find the folks on Biggest Loser real inspirations. Compared to their health problems mine are nothing. If they can turn their lives around there's no excuse for me. I would never want Jillian as my trainer (sorry I don't take that crap from anybody for any reason. Give me Bob) but I have to admit there are days when I want to quit when I hear her voice in my head and I work a little harder just to shut her up! LOL! Plus having some real success breeds more success. I wasn't sure I could really lose 50+ pounds at my age. Now I KNOW I can and I'm going to.

Of course at the moment I look like I'm wearing my big brother's clothes!

Other news - Volleyball team won two out of three last night. I think that's a first for us this season. Strange first game though. Several folks either on or family of a team that played before us hung around court side and had a big family dispute. Never rose to yelling but since it was all of 8 feet off the court it was really distracting. And it went on for about 20 minutes! I have become one of the go to guys on the team for serving. Given that I'd NEVER played competitive volleyball prior to last fall I find that pretty funny. But I am very consistent with a quick overhand serve. The rest of my play is coming along as well.

Both cars will be in the shop this week. One for a pair of new tires, the other to get yet another hub replaced. This is at least 3 of the 4 possible, could be the 4th I have to check. All within a year. About $200 a pop now that I'm buying the part from an online retailer rather than ordering it through the dealership. Saves about $150 per. Then a couple of repairs I can handle at home once the weather gets a tiny bit warmer.

Well the sun is shining even though it's still quite cold at the moment. Have to remind myself could be out west where there's a blizzard at the moment.


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