Monday, March 09, 2009

Weekend Update March 9

The Week That Was - OK, whoever has been making off with my weekends had better knock it off! One of the tough parts of this job is dealing with the fact that a lot of your events take place on the weekend. So finding the balance between home life and rest time and work can be tough. It just feels like I'm slacking if I take time off during the week (you remember the "work week"). But I need to be very intentional about that especially since I'm only paid for 80% of FT anyway (which is another fun thing to try and work with in youth ministry). This weekend was part work and part frustration.

I was supposed to run up and see one of my youth leaders in her final high school musical. Having never been to her HS I wasn't worried I have my new GPS which had been doing very well up till then. Weeeeeeeelllllll. Seems the street I wanted and the mailing address are actually in two different towns. So the GPS kept saying that no such street existed. Since I had no idea where to even begin looking I grabbed the cell phone and called the kid. She looked up the address online and got me headed in the right direction. After a missed turn and traffic I got to the school well after curtain up. I HATE walking in late (and some places won't let you). Besides by that point I was in such a foul mood (don't forget I'd driven 90 minutes to get lost) that I wouldn't have enjoyed the show. Word reaches me that she was wonderful. Next time I'm getting a back up map for trips like this.

Sunday was an organizational meeting for our youth mission trip this summer. We have 45 people (youth and adults) signed up! Holy Cow! So now we go crazy raising money. Pray for us. We're going to New Orleans at the end of July.

But that pretty much killed the weekend. The week before wasn't too bad. Although it appears a woodchuck is back under the house again PLUS we have a skunk living somewhere in the neighborhood too (maybe under the porch, sigh). My project with the one YMCA went very well on day one. We'll see how it goes the second week. We're in limbo since we're waiting on equipment.

The To Do List - Video project- still on the list but I tried to get some stuff done! The skies have been overcast and I didn't have enough light. This week I'm going to try and do some scripting. Prep for our planning retreat at the end of the week, hopefully get the camp brochures out,plus the new projects that have been dumped on me. Just the usual mad rush.

What Am I Procrastinating About? - I'm not sure it's procrastination at this point. I think I'm just overwhelmed by the pile of tasks. (Rocks and piles, rocks and piles)

What Am I Watching/Reading/Listening To? Still working on "Soul Graffiti". Finished the Ray Bradbury "From the Dust Returned" which is a collection of stories he did for various magazines that all relate to the same family. One of his rather spooky, quirky story cycles. Let's put it this way the artist who did all the graphics for the series and book was Charles Addams. Started and am blasting through Jonathan Kellerman's "The Conspiracy Club". I have no idea what's going on but then neither does the main character. I'm enjoying it.

Movies - None
Music - I'm still trying to get around to the Damnwells album I downloaded two weeks ago! Missed the new U2 album when it was on sale for next to nothing. Sigh.

Next Up First and foremost is the planning retreat. I've got about 5 days to work that out. Then a stock certificate and some mailings.

How Am I Doing Frazzled is becoming a lifestyle. I need some time off and I need to figure out when I can take it.


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