Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend Update March 30

The Week That Was - I honestly have very little energy to do this after the news from yesterday(see post below). But I know Lee loved the daily details of what his friends were doing. So as with so many things at a time like this you carry on.

The end of last week saw me dispatch one of my least favorite parts of my job. The individual mailing for camp applications. It's a targeted mailing to past campers. And I have to do it all by hand, fold the application, insert health form, fold again, put on mailing sticker (to hold it closed), address label and stamp. Repeat 201 times. Many thanks to Fr. Eric for sitting and talking with me and helping out.

Went to see the kid get inducted to Alpha Zeta chapter of Delta Epsilon Sigma,
the scholastic honor society for Catholic Universities. You have to be in the top 10% of the junior or senior class based on grades to be invited to join. Smart kid. The ceremony for about 40 lasted less than an hour followed by a reception. Very nice.

The To Do List - Hasn't been updated in three weeks. That's very bad. I need to put that on my to do list to get done. Plus the Province 2 youth ministry network is coming to Buffalo and I'm the host.

What Am I Procrastinating About? - Congregational camp mailings. That must get done.

What Am I Watching/Reading/Listening To?Finished Scott McClellan's book "What Happened - Inside the Bush White House and Washington's Culture of Deception". It wasn't too bad. Now I'm reading Stephen King's Duma Key, his 54th novel and another #1 best seller. And I'm liking it a lot. I've never been into his scary horror stuff (Salem's Lot) but I loved The Dead Zone and The Stand. Good stuff.

Movies - Nothing this week. "Grapes of Wrath" is up next and I'm told I MUST watch "Say Anything"

Music - I've re-discovered a "local" band (they're from State College PA) that has been a long time favorite. Don't know why I hadn't put "Cartoon" on the CD player or the ipod recently but I remembered why I love them. Very folk, harmony kind of thing going on. Here's their MySpace page (my favorite here is "I Shall Carry Water"). I think you need to have Facebook to access this one from Kevin Dremel who is a member of the band. Check out the Angry Song. You can buy Living Room, the CD I've been listening to HERE

Next Up CP2 network meeting and the congregational mailings are at the top of the list.

How Am I Doing Saddened by the death of my friend, looking forward to seeing my other friends, hoping that the snow has made its FINAL appearance this morning.


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