Monday, March 23, 2009

Resource Review - Rethinking Youth Ministry


OVERALL - Rethinking Youth Ministry is the product of two self described "progressive" Christians working in the Disciples of Christ church. This is a resource for youth ministers (rather than the more general tenor of mine which also includes resources for youth ministry)and covers a lot of ground.

WHAT'S IT ABOUT? I read a lot of blogs. Can I be honest and say that most youth ministry blogs just don't grab me? But hey I'm sure people feel the same way about mine so it's all good. Brian and Jacob, the authors, are creating a resource with some real depth here. For example they've done a whole series on Lenten studies and practices that will be useful if you're just "discovering" Lent or have been observing it for years. There are many posts on spirituality, ideas, creative worship, community building and much more. It's offered simply as a gift to the larger community. And their live traffic feed shows that folks from all over the country have discovered it.

RESERVATIONS Ummmm, sorry can't really find one.

RECOMMENDATION Within days of writing the original review for this website they came up with an answer that I needed for our summer mission trip. This is a seriously useful blog with real world, hands on ideas that you can put to use right now. Some folks are going to see the words "progressive Christian" up above and stop reading. That's too bad because they'll be cutting themselves off from some great resources. I applaud the guys for being upfront about who they are. This is one of those sites you just need to bookmark, or do what I do and have them registered on my blog reader. That way I automatically get notified when something new pops up. Thoughtful, useful, prayerful. Can't imagine what else you'd want.

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Brian said...

Thanks for the positive review! It's good to know that we are of some help to our colleagues out there in the youth ministry trenches and we appreciate your encouragement.