Thursday, March 05, 2009

On being content

I mentioned a little while ago my Lenten discipline of trying to become more content. So with a week of Lent under my belt I thought I'd reflect (I promise I won't do weekly updates on my Lenten discipline!)

It's been easier than I'd thought and it's been every bit as difficult. It's easy to be content when things are going well. For the first several days everything went swimmingly and I thought "You know, this contentment thing is pretty easy once you get into the swing of it".

Then came a bump in the road. Followed by a glitch or two. And contentment got shoved back.

I can not express how much I want that feeling of contentment, even if its roots are still shallow. I want it to help hold me together on those days when the anxiety gremlins and angst trolls and the succubus of material desire come slinking into my mind.

So I remind myself of what is good, of the gifts that are here. I remember the opportunities that are still open to me even when some are denied. By trying to keep thankfulness first and foremost in my mind I hope to drive out the bad things and leave room for contentment to dig a little deeper into my soul.

I'm trying.

We'll see.


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PseudoPiskie said...

When doors get slammed and/or or I mess up royally, I often try to wonder what good thing is ahead that I don't understand at the moment. Seems to help. Meanwhile keep grinning as it will work its way inside eventually. Hugs.