Monday, April 27, 2009

Resource Review - Fuller Youth Institute web page

Fuller Youth Institute Web site for youth ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary

OVERALL - Fuller Theological Seminary is a large (5,000 students)diverse (100 denominations from 70 countries) evangelical, multi denominational, international, and multi ethnic seminary in California that has established a research institute to do research to transform youth and family ministry. Some of the results of that research are available through the web site.

WHAT'S IT ABOUT? Here is a resource aimed at going a little deeper in our ministry with young people. The folks at Fuller offer a wide range of materials (blog, e-journal, online articles, even audio feeds) on a wide range of subjects. I'm impressed with the level of attention they give to the transition from high school to college and its impact on faith. But that's not all. There are sections dedicated to Urban ministry, inter generational ministry and what they refer to as "Deep Justice" which is about service and working towards greater justice in the world. There's lots of research, even curriculum available for free. It's not something that you'll zip through quickly. Plan on spending some time to explore the web site.

RESERVATIONS There are no obvious reservations for me here. There can be some gaps in time between new articles and stuff but that's because it takes time to get all that stuff done.

RECOMMENDATION I'm always on the look out for quality information and ideas. Fuller is dedicated to offering ideas and answers that make a difference. I don't know that I always agree with them but what I've seen so far shows them to being honest and aimed towards helping youth ministry do God's work in the world. And I'll take all the help I can get on that front.

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