Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Province 2 meeting

I'm "away" for a couple days. All the way to Buffalo! The diocesan youth ministers in Province 2 get together twice a year for fellowship, idea trading, planning and more. One meeting each year is extended by a day to create a small "sabbath" event. We did our first last spring when we met in Newark and spent the day in NYC. It was a lot of fun as we rode the train into the city and checked out the NY Auto show.

So we're meeting in Buffalo. Dinner tonight is at my favorite Buffalo Greek restaurant- The Towne Restaurant. We'll do our business meeting first (work first then play) at the Diocesan offices tomorrow morning. Then it's the Anchor Bar for lunch (birthplace of the Buffalo chicken wing). The afternoon will be spent at Niagara Falls, then dinner at Pearl City Grill just down the street from the Cathedral. Then we'll all depart on Friday morning. So we get our work in plus I get to show off some classic Buffalo/WNY stuff to my friends. When I picked up the folks from the dioceses of NY and Long Island we needed to grab a quick bite so in keeping with the all WNY theme I took them to Tim Horton's!

These are some of the events on my calender I always look forward to. For folks in the dioceses of New York, Long Island, Newark, New Jersey and the Virgin Islands I just want to say you have some really awesome folks working in youth ministry. I hope you appreciate them! We'd love to have the folks from Albany join us but they have declined every invitation for years. Sadly Rochester and Central New York are without folks at the moment. Love to have folks from Haiti and the Convocation in Europe join us but the cost is just impossible.

So I'll be away from the office for the next couple days. I'll be checking in at the start and end of the day.

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