Monday, April 06, 2009

Resource Review - Youth Ministry Exchange (YMX)

Youth Ministry Exchange - A forum for people working with youth

OVERALL - Imagine a place where you can meet other youth ministers from many different denominations? A place where you can vent with relative safety. Even better a place where you can get ideas, bounce ideas off of others and discover a lot of new concepts for your ministry. Youth Ministry Exchange can offer you all that and an online community that "gets" you.

WHAT'S IT ABOUT? A few years ago Youth Specialties ran its own youth ministry forum. Economics led them to drop it and a a couple enterprising youth ministers created their own. For me it was a great loss as the original had been a great community for me (nothing against the second forum they did a great job. I was just in a different place at that point). The latest version of Youth Ministry Exchange is the best of both. The forums, articles, reviews, free resources, job listings and more. There's even a section just for women in youth ministry. The best part is that all of it is available for free. There had been a membership fee but that's been dropped. So register for your free account and start to talk with some truly great folks all over the world.

RESERVATIONS Again, hard to find something to dislike.

RECOMMENDATION If you're looking for some community and you're comfortable online this can be a great resource. In the past sometimes the conversation could get a bit heated but that's the same in any virtual community. My experience has always been that there are many more faith filled, wonderful people than there are grumpy trolls. Take a wander through and see if there's anything to help you waiting there.


adam mclane said...

Wow, thanks for the love! Just a quick note of correction... while YMX was $5 a year, then $12 a year... it's now FREE! One of the great joys of the forums being purchased by YS was that we were able to shift it to a free model. :)

DaYouthGuy said...

Must have been working from old notes! Sorry 'bout dat. I've made the correction.

For anyone who doesn't know Adam is the tech guy at YS and an all round good guy.