Friday, March 03, 2006

A New link

I've added a couple new links to other blogs along the side here.

The first is the new blog by Ryan Nielsen. Ryan is the long time web master of the Pastor2Youth Here. I've had a link to that site from my own website for several years now. Great resources, so I recommend you cruise on by if you haven't already.

As for the blog - check out the February 15 entry especially. Ryan's just getting started but I believe he'll be a worthy addition to your regular blog surfing.

The second is the blog of Mark Ostreicher, known affectionately to all and sundry as Marko. He's the current boss man at Youth Specialties but that's not why I've added him. He's smart, he's dedicated and he has a great sense of humor. Plus the only important thing - he's worth reading.


1 comment:

Ryan Nielsen said...

Thanks for the kind words, the blog link, and the link for I do appreciate it so much. I have added you to my "A-'Muse'-ing Blogs" list on my blog as well. Thanks for sharing