Monday, March 13, 2006

Oh and a momentous event

I almost forgot.

A momentous occasion took place at the airport. There is a little girl that I first met when her age was still computed in days or weeks I think. And since that day she has never had the time of day for me. Once she learned to speak her favorite words for me were "Stop!" and "No". The stop command was hysterical because she would put out her hand in the classic position, look me straight in the eye and say it very seriously. Other folks, even other males would get a hug or say hello, but never me. She'd take one look at me and say "No!". Never hysterical or fear reaction, just did not want me in her life.

Which made me kinda sad. Cause she a cute little tyke and I like her family a whole lot.

Well last night she said Hi, gave me a hug and even teased me a little. Not a Stop or No to be heard.

Almost made waiting in baggage claim feel good.

Thank you Willow.


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