Monday, October 06, 2008

It's terrible news!!!

It is the end of an era. A great personal loss. I can not imagine how I'm going to go on. You'll find me weeping inconsolably in the corner.

Opus is going away. Forever.

One of my all time favorite cartoons will finally come to a complete halt. It began with Bloom County, which gave way to Outlands, which finally came down to just Opus. And as of the beginning of next month it will all be done. Berkeley Breathed the man who brought us Opus and Milo and the Radical Meadow Party and the Starchair Enterpoop is finally ending the entire series. He's announced there will be a final ending for Opus that will truly be final. One that won't let him bring Opus back but that will leave Opus as he always has been. The perfect naif. The ultimate innocent.

I enjoy the funnies, I read them most days even now. My all time favorites are a select group. Peanuts (the first one I went out of my way to read), Doonesbury, Calvin and Hobbes and Bloom County. Three of them are gone (though Peanuts is in re-runs).

The clip above is from an early version of the strip and one of my all time favorite episodes. So I'll leave you with the punch line. If you've never seen the strip it will make no sense at all.

But that's OK.

Pear Pimples for Hairy Fishnuts.

I truly will miss you Opurt old buddy. Stay away from the late night infomercials.


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PseudoPiskie said...

I still miss Calvin and Hobbes. sniff.