Monday, October 06, 2008

Monday Update - October 6

The Weekend That Was - Hmmm, interesting and sad. I have volunteered as race announcer for the local Soap Box Derby for something just shy of 20 years I think. They had a "rally" over the weekend and I did the first day's announcing. It was rather cold and I actually got a bit wind burned. So my face is red and covered in dry skin. Not fun. The racing went well. I look to be in very good shape this week on the football pool. I think I've picked 9 out of 14 correct so far with Monday night to go. Picked the Washington game which I was pretty proud of, most of the experts had that game the other way. Of course the Diocese of Pittsburgh voted at its convention to leave the Episcopal Church. Count me among those who don't believe that dioceses can leave but that's for another day. It is profoundly sad for me. My roots are very deep there and it is very painful.

The To Do List - Videos remain at the top but I have work to do for my Lutheran brothers and sisters, preparations for the next Youth Commission and, oh yeah, diocesan convention at the end of the month!

What Am I Procrastinating About? - Nothing too much, lots of things just a little.

What Am I Watching/Reading/Listening To? Haven't listened to much of anything new, lots of my favorites on the ipod. Working on "Humboldt's Gift" the Pulitzer Prize winning novel by Saul Bellow. This is part of my ongoing attempt to broaden my reading a little. I use the list from "1,000 Books You Have To Read Before You Die" as a jumping off point. The Bellow book is #332 (arranged by date). To be honest I'm finding it a bit slow. But I keep hoping.

Not many movies either. Watched "Ringers - Lord of the Fans" a documentary on fans of the Lord of the Rings, both books and movies. Plus the impact of the books and movie on popular culture. If you're into LOTR it's not too bad. If you're not there will be nothing here to amuse you except the chance to mock folks with more time on their hands than sense in their heads. These folks (called Ringers) are right up there with Trekkies or Trekkers (whichever you prefer) and Star Wars fanatics. Clearly the person having the most fun was Andy Serkis who played Gollum. All he has to do is break into his Gollum voice and the fans go wild!

Next Up Videos and more videos. Tonight is volleyball (I did pretty well last week and the team thinks I might be worth keeping around) and the next weigh in. Down a pound last week probably not much more than that this.

How Am I Doing I'm feeling rather down about the vote in Pittsburgh. I'll probably break my silence on the "issues" of the day later this week and write about it. Otherwise things are going pretty well. I'd be happier if the economy would start turning around!


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