Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekend Update - October 13

The Weekend That Was - My first impulse is to say not a lot went on but...
Saturday we drove up to see the kid at college so we could all go out for a birthday dinner for my lady wife. We tried a new restaurant near the kid's university that had an incredible view of the Niagara gorge, the food was fabulous and so was the bill! Suck it up for my lady. Plus we were finally told how much the semester abroad next summer is going to cost. My beloved daughter obviously saw my thoughts on my face. Expensive. But we'll make it work. Then Saturday was off to a Conference Assembly with my ELCA brothers and sisters. It was fine for what it was, a big official meeting. Then came home prepared to watch the Formula 1 race on video only to discover that SPEED channel was running off schedule (due to a long race right before the Japanese GP) and I hadn't set up a big enough recording window. So I missed the final 20 laps or so. The long weekend ended with me just futzing around the house working on some recording work.

The To Do List - Videos remain at the top with a new complication thrown in. I need to duplicate a lot of very large files for someone and they need them immediately so it's going to be a long week.

What Am I Procrastinating About? - I don't think anything actively at work, a couple things at home.

What Am I Watching/Reading/Listening To? Still hacking my way through "Humboldt's Gift" the Pulitzer Prize winning novel by Saul Bellow. I am exactly half way through the book and we may finally be told what the gift is. This has become a challenge. I will finish this book. But I may never read another thing by Bellow.

Still not watching many movies. Starting to bum me out. Don't know how I missed this movie all these years but finally watched "Miller's Crossing". Given that I generally like both Coen Brothers movies and movies about organized crime it's a strange oversight. The movie is dark and typically Coen in so many ways (although there's virtually none of the usual cast here other than John Turturro). It was fascinating, and grim. I kept thinking "film noir, film noir, film noir". And by the end your brain is twisted all around by who betrays whom and which story is a lie and which one is the truth.

Next Up I must complete or very nearly complete the current video project. It is the ONLY thing on my list this week. Oh, how I wish that were true.

How Am I Doing Well, if I'm lucky I won't have GAINED any weight this week. The big rebound on the stock market takes some weight off my shoulders. I'll believe that things are better when we put together at least a full week of stability. We continue to get slaughtered at volleyball but I'm really having a good time. Out the door in about 40 minutes.


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