Sunday, October 26, 2008

Update October 26

The Weekend That Was - This actually turned out pretty well. Convention went well. My report was very well received. The new version of the video seemed to be well received. My job is still in the budget. Really, all good. I put together some notes for my sermon on Sunday and just tried to accept that I was going to go extemporaneous. Turned out very well, got great reactions from people. Then went to volleyball practice and that went pretty well too. Both the Steelers and Bills lost so that's the only downer.

So it was a pretty good weekend!

The To Do List - Got some jobs from convention to follow up on plus the next batch of projects. Plus a trip to Pittsburgh to consult with the family financial advisors (that sounds SO much more impressive than it really is).

What Am I Procrastinating About? - I've got some paperwork at home I need to just do and get over.

What Am I Watching/Reading/Listening To? "Humboldt's Gift" is finally in my past. Three weeks to read a book of less than 500 pages. Unreal. Normally a book this length takes me about 3 days, maybe a week. It's a Pulitzer prize winner written by a Nobel winning writer. And I don't recommend it to anyone. It's a tale of a spineless wimp, an idiotic gift and it largely lacks a point. Charlie Citrine, the main character, spends his time making excuses for his list of leech like friends while allowing them to continue to bleed him of money and life force. He also prattles on about Anthroposophy (which has nothing to do with the plot except to show what a nitwit Citrine is)and, oh yes, spends a fair bit of time considering writing an extensive piece on the subject of boredom. And you get lots of details in the book. Citrine is apparently based loosely on the author. Which does nothing to recommend the author to me. It will take a lot for me to ever read anything else by Bellow. A total waste of my time. Seriously.

Watched a fun little British film tonight called "Keeping Mum". It stars Rowan Atkinson, Maggie Smith, Kristen Scott Thomas and Patrick Swayze. I don't want to give away any of the suprises but it turns out Mum is a bit of a cheerful serial killer, all to protect her family. Wonderfully dotty and fun.

Not much in the music world at the moment.

Next Up Hmm, not sure really. Need to completely re-do the To Do list.

How Am I Doing The stress is over for the moment and I'm feeling quite good. Nice feeling for a change.


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