Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend Update October 20

The Weekend That Was - Bleah. I've been putting in a lot of time on this video project. Got it all done in time to present to Youth Commission. And the reaction from everyone has been positive but without enthusiasm. The idea of the video is get adults enthused about sending kids to camp. And the video, while good from a technique point of view, doesn't do that. So it fails in it's primary goal. It was the kid, my darling daughter, who hit the nail on the head. She said it was too academic/intellectual. Just emotionally flat. Here's my best comparison. Have you ever watched real attorneys in real court rooms? They're almost NEVER the kind of inspiring, heart racing performers we see on TV shows. It's reality versus TV. I forgot that I was doing TV and did reality. And now I have four days to fix it.

Other than that I spent a lot of time running around doing chores. Some shopping, drop off the recycling, put the deck stuff into storage for the winter. Try my hand at baking bread (let's just say it came out much like the video.)

Oh one good piece of news. The sunroof on my lady wife's car spontaneously fixed itself. We kept trying the button, praying that we could at least get the fool thing shut. And it did! So it will stay shut till the spring at which point I'll have our garage start looking for the wiring short. Which is what it has to be.

The To Do List - Videos remain at the top with a new complication thrown in. I need to duplicate a lot of very large files for someone and they need them immediately so it's going to be a long week.

What Am I Procrastinating About? - Mostly raking leaves. Don't know if I'll get to it this week or not.

What Am I Watching/Reading/Listening To? "Humboldt's Gift" is still getting plowed through. Books NEVER take me this long. But I'm within 200 pages of the end and I keep hoping it'll get better. No music, no movies this week. Awful.

Next Up Video repair, sermon for Sunday, materials for Convention, radio techniques class I'm teaching on Wednesday. Sigh.

How Am I Doing I did in fact gain weight last week (sigh). I hope to at least be back to where I was this week. Our volleyball team continues to be winless. And the teams on the other side of the net seem to be getting better. The car situation is at least a little better (see above) and the stock market has settled down to merely twitchy rather than in full breakdown mode. So I'm stressed.


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