Friday, January 30, 2009

A Mental Health post

I am taking a break from what I've been working on because it's being stupid. And making me crazy. I either - A: Just spent 45 minutes fiddling with something and basically accomplished nothing, or B: Just spent 45 minutes fiddling with something and have totally screwed it up. I don't even want to look to see which answer it is.

So I'm taking a moment to blog for mental health. Which means thinking about anything else.

Like the vanishing snow piles. This has been a really huge year for snowfall here in WNY. An unofficial measurement from a guy about 10 miles down the road who does this as a hobby says 240 inches so far. No, that's not a type, 2-4-0. One other unofficial measurement says 220 about 10 miles away from the first. Both could be right, that's how much snowfall varies around here. 240 inches of snow would be a pretty snowy entire winter total for around here. And this is only January 30.

Because of this my house is surrounded by enormous piles of snow from the snowblower. There's just no place to put it. The piles on either side of the driveways (I have 2 driveways)at the road is just shy of 6 feet. My snowblower can't throw any higher than that. It's an ongoing problem given that there are still at least 2 months of winter still to come.

Well last night I came home from work and discovered two of the four piles were missing! Like totally gone, down to ground level. Then I realized that the shorter of my two driveways was also missing some snow, giving me an extra 3-4 feet of driveway! There are tracks from a large piece of equipment and further examination shows that the piles along side the road have been cut back as well. Which is nice because the road was starting to get a little narrow. I assume the village road crew is doing this as a public service.

But you know what?

I don't care WHO did it! They are my personal heroes right now.

Of course there's another storm headed our way next week apparently.



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