Sunday, January 04, 2009

Update January 5 2009

The Weekend That Was - Well 2009 is off to a dumb start. We had some kind of accident just before New Year's. There was a bottle of wine in the wine rack that had been opened and then re-corked. Do it all the time. Well either the cork slipped out or one of the cats gave it a whack. When I walked into the kitchen my first thought was "What the heck did the cats kill?" Looked like blood spatter everywhere. Very CSI. Took a while to clean up. Then on New Years we discovered an old bottle of spumante. When we opened it it was the color of maple syrup. Not good. Down the drain it went. Spent a quiet night at home New Year's Eve with my lady wife so it was good. Then on Saturday I managed to completely miss my first meeting of the year. Just slept right through (the meeting site was about 2 hours away, I woke up 45 minutes before. And figured it out about 30 minutes before) The rest of the group was very gracious about it (THANK YOU!) The football pool came to an end and I didn't manage to climb back into the top 10. I missed by less than 10 points though. So not bad.

The To Do List - Started putting together the first list of the year. It's ENORMOUS! I so do NOT want to go back to work! I just need to bump things off and not let them linger.

What Am I Procrastinating About? - Nope still on vacation till I get to the office.

What Am I Watching/Reading/Listening To? Finished "Wish I'd Been There", pretty good. Then hit "The Fifth Elephant" by Terry Pratchett. This is part of the huge Discworld series (depending on how you count there could be 30 some books). If you're a fantasy fan you probably already know the name of Terry Pratchett. If you've never read any Pratchett would be an interesting place to start. He has a bizarre sense of humor, takes regular swipes at the "rules" of fantasy and fills the books with all kinds of word play. The primary recurring character is Death who is an interesting person. As always I enjoyed this one too.

Not a lot of movies this week. Watched a classic '50's horror film "Them" I was really expecting a cheesy flick but I was impressed. A pretty impressive cast (James Whitmore, James Arness) and it is a Warner Bros. film. The script is quite good as well. They kept the special effects to a minimum and that helps too. It was a nice pick up.

Watched the last of the Christmas videos for last year too. "The Homecoming", the first time America met the Waltons. Still love it. Got me started thinking about Walton's Mountain. I'll probably post about that sometime this year.

Also caught Batman - The Dark Knight which was quite good. I could have done with a bit less blowing up/crashing/booming stuff but a tour de force performance by Heath Ledger.

Next Up I have a multi hour blood test on Monday. Part of my doctor's quest to determine if I'm headed toward diabetes or not. My other test was fine but this one tests something that she thought was borderline. This one really freaks me out. Not the test but the possibility of diabetes. I'm not likely going to get that diagnosis, even my doctor admits I'm just in a borderline place and she's afraid it's headed the wrong way. Still freaks me out.

How Am I Doing Other than the blood test and the monster to do list I'm feeling pretty good.


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