Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This is just cool

I think this is really cool!

From "Canterbury Tales From the Fringe" (a blog by Episcopal bishop Gene Robinson). A detail from his day yesterday at the pre-inauguration festivities where he offered the invocation:

Since all of the presenters/performers were asked to come back out on stage for the finale singing of America the Beautiful, I left Mark and Ella to go backstage again. There, I encountered Bono, who wanted to talk about my invocation. I was amazed that after hearing it once, he was quoting back to me things I had said. We chatted, and then he asked if I would pray with him and his band (U2) before they went onstage to perform. We gathered in a close huddle, I prayed, and off they went to play to a screaming, cheering, joyful crowd. (We saw him later that night at a private party -- and he picked up our conversation right where we had left off.)

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Lee M. Davenport said...

Robinson and Bono commiserating. Now, that's an image. A rather nice one.