Tuesday, February 10, 2009

On birthdays and a new beginning

My birthday was fairly low key yesterday but fun nevertheless. Didn't have a big birthday dinner since my lady wife and I were running in different directions all day. But we'd had a great time over the weekend so it was all good. My surprise present was EXACTLY what I'd been hoping for - a GPS unit! She got me the one shown here the Garmin Nuvi 205. I can hardly wait to try it out. I have a couple trips to Buffalo (yes, I can make that drive in my sleep. Just be quiet and let a boy enjoy his toy) It's very cool.

A new toy! Yay!

I mentioned in an earlier post the idea of starting a new at the new year. Well personally my new year just got started! So we're embarking on a new dietary adventure. The South Beach Diet.

This began when my doctor became concerned that my blood sugar levels were slowly but steadily climbing. The diagnosis: Pre-Diabetes. Which means I'm not there but it's a real possibility. I've told you the fear that the D word strikes in my heart. When my last tests came back they continued the wrong trend, even with my weight loss over the last year. (Since February 5 2008 I have lost 27 pounds and basically kept them off). Her prescription was the South Beach Diet.

Let me note that I have no use for fad diets. My mom fought with her weight for most of her life and tried lots of them. They worked for a while then she gained it back. I've seen many friends do the same thing. The equation for most of us is simple - we eat too damn much and do too damn little. As I've read South Beach I've been impressed. It's not about weighing portions, or points or calories or forbidding foods. It's a 3 phase dietary plan. By the time you hit Phase 3 you can eat anything you want. But as St. Paul notes while everything is lawful not everything is helpful. SB helps you learn what is helpful.

So today is Day 1 of Phase 1. Phase 1 is the phase everyone hates. It is the most restrictive. No bread, no pasta, no fruit, no booze. Lotsa veggies and lean proteins. And really a lot of food. But good food. This is a kind of re-boot for my body, a chance for it to restore the default settings for how we deal with carbs. It lasts 14 days. So 42 meals. My lady wife has agreed to go on this journey with me. She'd like to drop a few pounds, she wants to support me in my health plan and she's just wonderfully supportive like that. We're told that we could lose as much as 10-15 pounds during this two week stretch, then drop down to just a pound or two a week after that. Breakfast struck as a bit small but tasty. Basically little mini quiches and some veggie juice. 41 meals to go.

My starting weight this morning is 188.8. My goal weight is 165. So 23 pounds.
Let's see how it goes.



forsythia said...

Happy Birthday. Good luck with the S/B Diet.

Lamont said...

Glad you got the Garmin - very happy birthday!