Monday, March 24, 2008

And then there were two (at least)

Got an e-mail last week that was something new and interesting.

You see I heard from DaYouthGuy.

After some 7 years of doing this blog my "clever" (and it has been pointed out grammatically incorrect) title has popped up somewhere else.

Youth Ministry author Josh Coverett got in touch with me after launching his new website Seems that if you google dayouthguy you get all these links to some lunatic youth minister in western New York. Josh and I exchanged a couple very nice e-mails and have agreed to just march along side by side. Dayouthguys have to stick together.

Take a look at Josh's book "God's Nobody". The excerpt from the book shows a great touch and a real feel for talking with youth. Take a look at his comments and see reviews from youth and adults who've read the book from Washington to Wales (yeah, THE Wales).

So I'll be adding a link over on the right hand side here for the latest DaYouthGuy. Check out Josh and God's Nobody.



Len said...

as long as he doesn't claim to be the "new and improved" DaYouthGuy, i'll give him a chance. :-)

Reverend Ref + said...

Which now has me thinking . . . should I trademark "Reverend Ref" just in case some big shot author comes along?

Maybe I could sell the name for a percentage of the sales ... Hmmmm