Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A big milestone

As I continue to try and whip myself back into shape I keep looking for new goals to achieve. In my swimming I've actually managed to do it.

Last week I'd hit 30 lengths and then realized that I'd been very close to a half mile swim. So this week I decided to go for it. Because I'm still not a competition class swimmer I knew I wasn't ready to do the whole thing non-stop so I broke it down. I needed to make 36 lengths so I decided on 4 sets of 9. I knew that 9 was doable (I did 20 last week at one point)so I felt pretty confident.

Well what I actually did was 3 sets of 10 (so that I could take my breather in the shallow end)and one set of 6. It was a challenge but didn't feel overwhelming.

So what's next? I'd like to get the time it takes to do this down some (took most of 40 minutes)and to try and stretch the number of lengths I do in a set till maybe I CAN do the whole thing in one long session. Heck I can drop it to only three sets by just doing two lengths more per set! So 12s and then 15s ought to come pretty quickly.

Hard to imagine that just a short time ago (18 months) I could barely do a single length.


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