Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Feeling Stupid

Just got back from a lightning trip down the hill to my bank. Earlier today I'd run down to take out some money and to get a couple rolls of quarters. I have no idea what the quarters are for, my lady wife requested them and I, her humble servant merely do as he is told. As I walked back out the door I thought, "I forgot to grab my ATM receipt!"

So veered over and grabbed it.

Completely overlooking the fact that my ATM card was ALSO still in the machine!

That was at 12:30. The dawn of realization (a harsh, critical light I might add)rose at 4 PM. So after a quick moment of mental self flagellation I walked quickly down the block and a half to my bank.

As it turns out I was one of TWO folks who managed to get their cards swallowed by the machine (apparently the default position for the machine is if you leave the card there long enough it assumes you're stupid and puts the card somewhere safe)

My card has been restored to its proper place.

My ego is sulking in the corner.



Reverend Ref + said...

Yeah, well, at least you didn't break Jesus.

PseudoPiskie said...

tee hee. You're too young, Jay. On Tuesday I released a new pair of scissors from their permanently sealed plastic jail so I could cut my hair. Got distracted then couldn't find the scissors. Had to use others to do the work. Finally found them yesterday exactly where I put them. Why couldn't I see them when I needed them? Only God knows.