Sunday, March 16, 2008

What a Weekend!

I'm so tired from this weekend I'm looking forward to going to work tomorrow!


Thursday we went and saw the taping of "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me" from NPR The tickets were a birthday present to me from my lady wife. Great fun, good show. The guest for the "It's not my job" segment was PA governor Ed Rendell. Amazingly the category for him was "Madonna's movies" and he knew a LOT about them. I'm sure you won't be surprised to discover that New York's governor was the topic of much conversation during the show. 'Nuff sed.

Stayed in a great hotel just south of Pittsburgh which was very relaxing. Then went to see the "Bodies" exhibition at the Science Center. This exhibit is a bit controversial I know and to be honest this was more my lady wife's idea than mine. I'll say this while I found the exhibit a little disturbing I also found it fascinating and educational. The really great part were the several high school groups there on field trips. The kids were really into the educational aspects of what they were watching. Their attitude was focused and respectful. Listening to their teachers and them interact made the trip well worth it for me.

A quick visit with the in-laws which went fairly well. (My father in law has a habit of trying to get an argument started - he's very conservative and I'm, well, not. But I've gotten pretty good at dodging that. Just no profit there) Then back home in the evening.

Up the next morning to go deal with one of the more annoying aspects of my daughter's university. Easter break begins, dorms close at noon. So the cafeteria was only open for about an hour on Saturday. They do this all the time close the food service at very inconvenient times. Since the kid is on crew (follow spot) for the a play which had its last performance that evening at 7:30 we couldn't just go home.

So my lady wife got her ears pierced. Call it her mid-life crisis.

Then we went to Canada and gambled at the Niagara Falls Casino. It was kind of weird having my 20 year old daughter explain the way the casino works but we had fun, lost a little money and wandered through the shops.

Back for dinner, then saw the show ("Life is a Dream" by Pedro Calderon de la Barca) The set was fabulous and the student actors did some very nice work. We finally packed up and came home arriving at 12:30 AM on Sunday.

That would be PALM Sunday. So we were up and going to church this morning.

I'm so glad this weekend is over.

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