Friday, June 16, 2006

Catching Up Part I

Sorry that I haven't blogged in a while but it has been BUSY! I'll break this into two entries so that you don't feel like you're trapped reading the whole thing.

First two things that need top of the list attention:

U2charist – This was an amazing service wrapped around the music of the Irish rock band U2. The liturgy is straight out of the BCP but music and videos are woven through out everything. Much like the Hip Hop Mass I saw at EYE last summer I wouldn't want a steady diet of it but it was an amazing, profound and spirit filled event. The crowd was surprisingly age diverse ranging from 2 year olds to a good many white haired elders of the community. And pretty much everyone seemed to have a good time. It ended with the Eucharist which was pretty cool as well. Sadly I got there late and missed Bishop Michael Curry preaching. Very upsetting. +Curry is worth listening to. I swear I'd listen to him read a shopping list.

Traces of the Trade – This is a powerful movie about a young Episcopal woman who discovers her families deep dark secret, that their wealth and standing is based on the slave trade. The documentary follows her and several of her relatives as they explore what that really means and what their ancestors (the largest slave traders in American history) did. There is still only a rough cut at the moment but it moved me to tears several times. Several of the folks in the film are here and were with us at the viewing. The final version should be available in the next year and I strongly urge everyone to see, to have their congregations see it, that everyone see it. I hope to use it as part of the diversity discussions we have at our camp program. Look for this title.

Oh update on my walking- Wednesday was 15,996 steps so that was about 8 miles. Yesterday was my day as group “leader” (we rotate this “honor”) so I had to do a bit more sitting so I only logged 15,148 steps or about 7.5 miles. I'm getting my workouts in.

Worship notes – The worship has been good. Readings are done in a variety of languages (with written translations) So far it's been English, Spanish, Italian and Japanese (I think) along with the sign language. I love watching the readings being signed. The music has not been as adventurous as three years ago. The woodwind trio yesterday (or Weds?) was very nice and we've gotten a little bit from Sandra Montes who has one of God's really great voices doing some Spanish language songs. There's a band from Hispanic ministries that usually greets us at the door to the Convention center each morning. That'll get your blood flowing.

Voting remotes - I've noted before that the deputies are having trouble with the electronic voting “doo hickeys” (that was the term one of the deputies used) Other terms include TV remote and automatic garage door opener. The latest report from the dais is that the deputies are actually getting it right about 98% of the time. Early on though people were making multiple mistakes. It has been suggested (by some very cynical person...who could that be?) that we should move to a Quaker model. Ten days of silence.

Dispatch of Business – That's a person, in this case a man named Gregory Straub. Greg is the archetypal old line Episcopalian. Tall, silver hair, deep voice with just a touch of Oxford to it and dry, dry, dry humor. A deputy had inquired as to what happened to the money placed in the UTO boxes each day, since they were empty each morning. When Greg supplied the answer the following day he made some reference to “evil tooth fairies” who might be making off with the funds. Turns out that there are properly “deputed people” (his words) who are clearing the boxes.

OK,that's enough for part one. I'll give you the rest in part two (below)

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