Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Last day at GC

I'm running late so I'll just try and hit the high points.

Walking has slowed down, yesterday was 13,458 steps so about 6.5 miles. Too much time listening to endless technical debate in the House of Deputies.

Defeat of the moratorium resolution. Don't know how you imagine the "debate" but it was long, tedious, repetitive and utterly, utterly civil. Not a single raised voice, no shouting, no displays of anger. Of sadness yes, of anger, not a lick. By the way, it's not over. We're told to expect the issue to be re-opened this morning. The idea is to create a compromise version to give the new PB something to carry with her to her first meetings later in the year and in the future.

Approval of the election of Canon Beisner as next bishop of N. Calif. Again much sadness expressed but all very civil and sane.

Once the Windsor stuff was done the tempo of action increased, which was nice.

Music at worship continues to disappoint. Well performed but very standard and very dull. We did a piece of service music that used a Jamaican folk tune as the melody and it was played at dirge tempo. I can only hope it'll be better in '09 in Anaheim.
George Wirner preached yesterday. He was brief but very good.

Not taking a lot of stuff home this time (had to buy a new piece of luggage last time!) A couple of CDs of music and a book on prayer plus some "useful" hand outs. Turned out that my Associate rector (Susan Anslow Williams) was doing some cartoons for one of the GC daily publications. And the Youth presence got parodied by one of them.
Well I'm running late. I'll fill in the details when I get back.

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