Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Down the stretch we come!

Lots still going on even as time begins to run out...

Walking update - Sunday 11,056, Monday 13,420. Not quite sure why it's dropped off. We did ride on the shuttle bus on Sunday a couple times and with the exciting business I've been staying in the gallery to listen.

Forgot to mention the Jazz worship on Sunday. Liked it a LOT! The musicians were delayed by storms and their instruments didn't make it in time for the service so they were playing with rented instruments. VERY impressive. Music on Monday was from Elisabeth Von Trapp also very beautiful.

More reaction the election of the new PB. The GC newspaper noted that a lot of the international visitors who are here reacted very positively. At my worship table is a bishop from a small non-continental diocese (I'm being vague because I don't want to presume and I like this bishop) and he commented very favorably about the PB elect saying that he believes she will be a better reconciler than ++Griswold.

Joint meeting between the houses for the discussion of the budget. I'm happy to report that GC has lived up to its commitment to youth ministry as a priority.

GC began discussion of the Windsor report resolutions. They began with the "Expression of regret" one which drew an interesting and respectful debate with some excellent points made by both sides. The young people have spoke quite passionately and several more of them plan to speak as more of the resolutions come to the floor. I've been very proud and impressed by their thoughts. No votes announced as yet even as the debate has moved on to the resolution concerning future ordinations of gay and lesbian persons. Keep praying for the church.

Moment of humor. A female deputy with her very small baby came to the microphone. She introduced herself then added her baby's name adding that the child was a member of the "unofficial infant presence" Got a nice laugh.

Still lots of business to do, lots of pain still to be felt. These discussions are not easy for anyone and we're watching the church work its way through the pain. I remain proud of my denomination.


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