Thursday, June 22, 2006

I'm home

And very very tired. Senior High camp begins on Sunday and I'm not fully prepared. I did some work as I could at GC but there's still lots to do. So I'm trying to wrap up my GC experience today so I can dedicate tomorrow and Saturday to camp work.

GC Overall - As with three years ago I'm struck with the civility of what went on from all sides. We spoke passionately but not in anger. Hard decisions were made, some of which disturb me deeply. We elected a female PB and I wept with joy. I worked with an amazing group of youth and adults and watched the young people grow into future leaders. I saw an amazing movie Traces of the Trade which I commend to everyone. I will take all of what happened there and pray about it and trust that God is leading us where we need to go.

Worship - I've whined enough about this I suppose but while well done it was boring and exhibited little of the diversity we can possess. I hope for better in three years. The Jazz Worship was good as was the young man who played Isaac....can't remember! I bought his CD and have enjoyed what I've heard so far.

The Official Youth Presence - I love these young people and was proud to serve them for ten days. They spoke passionately and intelligently, they attended committee meetings and made the voice of young people heard. I look forward to seeing them return as deputies (both lay and clergy) and someday as bishops perhaps.

The Host city - Columbus is an attractive city with a variety of architecture and opportunities. Some great restaurants including Due Amici, Brownstone on Main and BD's Mongolian barbecue (which is a chain that we should get here in WNY!) Also kudos to the North Market with it's wonderful Farmer's Market feel and good (and varied) meal offerings. I would visit Columbus again without a doubt.

Travel adventures - You knew I would have at least one! We flew puddle-jumpers both ways, including a turboprop! On the way home we flew into LaGuardia (don't ask me the logic of flying to NYC if you're going from Ohio to WNY) The plane was over sold by four seats and I would have taken the free ticket if the next flight hadn't have gotten me into Buffalo at nearly midnight. When we boarded we were informed that we were either 26 or 29 in the line to take off (turbo prop cabins are noisy!) and that the flight crew had no idea what the hold up was. So we sat for about an hour slowly inching our way forward.

I come away from GC invigorated and exhausted, exhilarated and disturbed. I hold my church close in my heart and will pray as we move forward. I pray for PB elect Schori and all the friends I made there.

We now return to our regularly scheduled madness.

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